The Kreep Haunts Manresa Castle with Kreepshow Cabaret

Presented by the Black Pearl Cabaret, KREEPSHOW, a Gothic Comedy Cabaret, will open for an extended run, and play every other Friday and Saturday at 9 pm beginning March 29-30, 2013 at the historic Manresa Castle, 651 Cleveland St, Port Townsend, Washington.

A fast-paced musical comedy, KREEPSHOW features R O’Donnell as the spirited Captain Brazillia R. Kreep, Misha Cassella-Blackburn as the ethereal circus performer Parthenia Goste, Aidan McClave as the comical cellist Kreepy H. Krawler, and Jason Altamirano as the devilishly charismatic Jack Frost. “Think Tim Burton presents Monty Python and you’ll get the premise of the show,” says creator O’Donnell. “Along with audience participation, song and dance as well as the occasional special ghost appearance, KREEPSHOW is ever-changing, always new and exciting.”


The Black Pearl Cabaret, a professional troupe of actors and variety artists, have presented several shows starring The Kreep, including their Halloween hit “An Evening with The Kreep,” and their “Christmas Carol” spoof “Kreepmas.” “Some of the elements of those staged offerings will be incorporated into this show,” says assistant director DJ Adams. “Those shows were all about Port Townsend, incorporating the history, and the local folklore so we wanted to keep that tradition alive with KREEPSHOW.”

Presented in the Castle’s comfortable Victorian dining room, Food and Beverage manager Bob Saring confirmed, “We’re all thrilled to welcome Manresa Castle’s newest occupant!” Tickets are $15 and can be purchased at Quimper Sound, 230 Taylor St.,
(360) 385-2454 and Manresa Castle, (360) 385-5750 or $20 at the door.

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